FlexSafe+ portable safe

Equipped with a heavy-duty combination lock and a motion alarm, the FlexSafe+ portable safe is virtually theft-proof.

FlexSafe+ portable safe attached to a stroller on the beach, and clothing rod in a wardrobeWhether at home or on vacation, in the gym or at the beach, the FlexSafe+ is a great way to protect your valuables. Made with weatherproof nylon, cut-and slash-resistant materials and radio-frequency identification-blocking technology, this sturdy, portable safe has enough room to carry and secure smartphones, passports, wallets, keys, cameras, small tablets and other compact items. (It’s approved by the Transportation Security Administration.) Just attach it to a lounge chair, railing, closet rod or bike frame and you’re good to go. With its heavy-duty combination lock and 110-decibel motion alarm that’s activated and deactivated by remote-control key fob, the FlexSafe+ is virtually theft-proof. Comes with a battery-powered charger with solar capabilities (output max. 5.0V), so you can juice up electronic devices at any time under any conditions.


Price: US$129.95