Health tips — February/March 2018

Blue lighting can promote relaxation, while workers with unfair managers take more sick leaves.


The next time you feel stressed when someone pressures you to finish a report, turn on a blue light.


In a small study done by researchers at the University of Granada in Spain, participants underwent a test to induce stress, then underwent a relaxation session in a room in two groups: group No. 1 was exposed to white lighting and group No. 2 was exposed to blue lighting. Participants’ biosignals, including heart rate and brain activity, were recorded. Researchers found the blue lighting promoted relaxation faster than conventional white lights.



If employees at your workplace are calling in sick often, check the relationship with their manager. They may be feeling unfairly treated.


A study by the UK’s University of East Anglia and Sweden’s Stockholm University examined how interactional justice — how workers are treated by managers — affected both long and frequent sick leaves. After analyzing data from more than 19,000 Swedish employees, researchers found that lower levels of fair treatment at work were connected to short but frequent absences, and were also connected to a higher risk of lengthy absences.


The solution? Companies could gain from choosing managers with “qualities associated with fair practices,” said the study’s lead researcher.