Blowing hot and cold

When temperatures dip, the fight for control of the office thermostat begins. Here are the cold facts on a hot workplace topic.

15: Preferred temperature in Celsius for Facebook offices as decreed by founder Mark Zuckerberg and reported by former COO Sheryl Sandberg in her 2013 book Lean In. The optimal office temperature for productivity is said to be around 22 C.


1 in 10: Number of employees in a 2015 poll conducted by CareerBuilder who said they had fought with a coworker over the temperature at work.


19: Percentage of office workers in a 2010 CareerBuilder survey who believe their bosses recently turned the heat down to save the company money. Only 54% of employees said the temperature at their workplace was “just right.”


20 to 23.5: Range in winter office temperatures recommended by the Standards Council of Canada. The US-based American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers says that range should satisfy about 80% of workers.


79: Percentage of US employees who said they work from home during “severe snow or ice storms,” according to a 2015 study from West Corp. Seven in 10 housebound workers said they were just as productive at home.


1,000: Annual dollar savings in improved productivity per worker by automating office air quality, temperature and lighting tailored to workers in an open-air Montreal office, according to a 2017 Concordia University study.


1960s: Decade that studies on male metabolic rates established standard temperatures for today’s offices. Those studies may have overestimated the “resting heat production of women” by 35%.