Health tips – October 2017

Cycling to work can help lower stress levels and drinking coffee may be linked with lower mortality.


A coffee a day keeps the grim reaper away.

Well, not quite, but researchers at the University of Southern California have found a connection between coffee and lower mortality. In an ongoing study with the University of Hawaii Cancer Center and using other research, scientists examined the data of more than 185,000 participants aged 45 to 75 who reported their coffee-drinking habits every five years for an average of 16 years. Those who drank a cup a day — whether regular or decaffeinated — were 12% less likely to die during the period of study than non-coffee drinkers. What’s more, two- to three-cup-a-day drinkers showed an 18% reduction in the chance of death.


Want to have a less stressful day at the office? Try biking to work.

Researchers at Concordia University’s John Molson School of Business in Montreal surveyed 123 workers online at an IT company in the same city to see how different modes of travel affected stress and mood at work. Respondents answered questions regarding mood, commuting stress and modes of travel within 45 minutes of arriving at work. The result: those “who cycled to work showed significantly lower levels of stress within the first 45 minutes of work than those who travelled by car,” says Stéphane Brutus, lead author of the study.