LOVE intelligent turntable

Not only is LOVE a portable analog record player with a traditional stylus, it’s also loaded with digital features.

LOVE Intelligent Turntable being used with smartphone as remote control

LOVE, the world’s first intelligent turntable, puts a whole new spin on playing records. Industrial designer Yves Béhar, whose credits include partnerships with Movado, Jawbone, Herman Miller and SodaStream, has designed a compact device that rotates and plays from on top of the record. Not only is LOVE a portable high-fidelity analog player with a traditional stylus, it’s also loaded with digital features that allow you to play and pause, skip and repeat, control volume and display album covers and track information when used with a smartphone and the LOVE iOS or Android App. It will even auto-detect vinyl size and select the proper RPM speed.

Position LOVE on the record and press down to start playing, or use your smartphone as a remote control. Audio is streamed wirelessly via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to headphones, speakers, media players and receivers, or opt for a direct connection using a 3.5 mm cable or RCA Bluetooth audio adapter. Playback lasts for more than seven albums of music on a single full charge of the internal lithium battery.

Price: US$329

LOVE Intelligent Turntable