Not a nutty concept

Matthew Battah is the founder and owner of PB&Me, a company that produces and sells powdered peanut butter.

Matthew Battah has always had an entrepreneurial itch. And despite a promising start as a CPA, he couldn’t shake off his ambitions. So at just 27, Battah left his full-time position as a finance manager to launch PB&Me — a company that produces and sells powdered peanut butter. Inspired by his own fitness goals, Battah saw a need for a healthy, Canadian-made product and wanted to fill the niche. He dabbled around in his own kitchen in Montreal and worked with food scientists before launching in early 2015. His first customer was a woman in Australia who ordered nine bottles, which Battah made manually, bottled and shipped himself. His delicious PB&Me is now produced in a facility and is available in three different flavours at more than 600 locations nationwide. And Battah credits his CPA for much of his success. “It teaches you a work ethic and a discipline that I don’t think you’re going to get anywhere else,” he says. “You learn about quality and raising your standards.”