Health tips — September 2016

Participation in workplace wellness programs is higher when leaders are supportive. Plus, progress is being made toward finding treatment for fear-related conditions.


According to a survey by the American Psychological Association, participation in workplace wellness programs is higher among employees who see senior leaders support company health initiatives than among those who don’t feel leaders show such support. In an online poll, 73% of employees whose senior managers are involved in company health programs feel their employer helps workers achieve a healthy lifestyle, compared with just 11% of those who didn’t see management’s support.

“When supervisors’ actions match their words, employees notice,” says David Ballard, director of APA’s center for Organizational excellence.


Suffer from a phobia? Hope may be near. In a study published in the journal Neuropsychopharmacology, two groups of mice were observed: one group received an optogenetics treatment in which a laser stimulated neurons in the brain that play a role in the memory of fear; the other had no treatment. Both were exposed to a tone, then an unpleasant electrical stimulus. The optogenetics group was better at remembering danger than the group that didn’t undergo the treatment.

The study is seen as a step toward finding treatment for fear-related conditions.