Running the show

Susan Campbell, vice-president of finance at Cineplex Entertainment LP, talks about how to create a unique movie-going experience.

Q: How would you describe your leadership style?

When I joined Galaxy Entertainment, before we merged with Cineplex and went public, there were just 18 of us. I was lucky to have the chance to work with [CEO] Ellis Jacob on a number of projects. He’s a good person to look to for a leadership style. I support open conversation, debate and discussion, and I strongly encourage collaboration. I’m pretty hands-off, but I’m always available to provide guidance and feedback.

Q: How has your previous experience working in the tech and mining fields influenced your current role?

Every job opens you up to different opportunities and challenges. It’s all about what you learn from those experiences and how you apply that to your next position. I’ve learned a lot about how to grow and maintain a strong finance department.

Q: Cineplex offers so much more than just movies and popcorn these days — from VIP experiences to D-BOX seats that move with the action and more. How do you manage the financial aspects of these new initiatives?

It’s a really exciting place to be right now. Thirteen years ago, we were focused on movies and selling concessions. It’s amazing how much we’ve expanded our offerings and business initiatives since then. Each initiative comes from a coordinated effort from all the teams that make up Cineplex, from the front-line employees who interact with customers every day to my finance team. We’re constantly communicating with all the branches under the Cineplex umbrella. Our role is to make sure we meet their financial needs in the most efficient and effective manner, whether it’s paying bills or providing analysis.

Q: How many movies have you seen in theatres?

Too many to count! I’ve been going to the movies for as long as I can remember. If you were to walk into my office, you would find my walls decorated with Kill Bill posters. I do love Quentin Tarantino, but my favourite is Gone With the Wind. I saw it when I was a kid and it made me fall in love with movies. I mean, Scarlett O’Hara? Not a better heroine, ever.

Susan Campbell worked with Inmet Mining Corp. as manager of taxation and was vice-president of finance and administration at nurun inc. before joining Cineplex Entertainment 13 years ago.