Editor’s note: dreams do come true

Okey Chigbo, Editor of CPA Magazine, introduces the features in the October 2016 issue.

As children, how many CPAs had that fantasy of playing some big league sport and scoring goals, baskets and touchdowns to the thunderous cheers of adoring fans? Nearly all is probably the best answer given the ubiquitousness of such dreams. How many have actually played a sport and gone on to be a big part of a sports franchise? Craig Reynolds has.

Reynolds was born in Regina, the home of the Saskatchewan Roughriders, and grew up a huge fan of the Canadian Football League franchise. He loved football and this translated into playing quarterback for his high school. But he knew he would never make the big leagues — when he was quarterbacking the school team, it did not win a single game. He, however, hoped he would be involved in football in some capacity.

His dream came true. Today, Craig Reynolds, CPA, CA, is the president and CEO of the Saskatchewan Roughriders, the team of his childhood fantasies. This month’s cover feature is on his successes and struggles and tough decisions while running the CFL football organization. In “Riding High”, writer Dexter Brown tells us how Reynolds went from a first job at KPMG in Saskatoon to work abroad and finally to the Roughriders, where he first worked as a CFO and then went on to become president and CEO. “Handling the team’s budget, financial reports, treasury reports and strategic planning,” writes Brown about Reynolds’ period as CFO, “allowed him to call on his CPA training and expertise. ‘Everything you’ve learned as a CPA is all very, very relevant,’ Reynolds says. ‘Through the course of career experience and the CPA training, you have good business acumen and strong financial knowledge.’”

CPAs rock. And run football organizations too. Please read.

LinkedIn has been around for more than 13 years, but how many people actually know how to fully use the social media recruitment tool to their advantage? CPAs were slow to adopt the platform and even now, the evidence is that many of the more than 105,000 CPAs on LinkedIn are not totally familiar with what it can do for them. On the suggestion of an advisory board CPA, we sent out writer Andrea Neblett to get the scoop on what accountants are doing with the platform, and what sorts of things it can do for CPAs. In “CPA Links” she writes, “For CPAs, LinkedIn can be an invaluable tool — directly and indirectly — for boosting industry knowledge or even tackling a critical day-to-day business problem. ... An effective profile on LinkedIn is just the foundation. To create strong corporate and personal branding, as well as engagement, the extra steps of content creation and curation are essential.”