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Sean Burke, CPA, is the chief operating officer of Front Fundr, a company that allows Canadians to become shareholders of startup private companies.

A summer internship at PwC shattered every stereotype of what it meant to be a CPA for Sean Burke. In fact, he loved it so much that he switched gears and ditched his dream of becoming an investment banker to pursue his CPA. “It’s such a diverse field; I realized that there was so much potential and opportunities for growth and personal development,” he says. He spent five years at PwC working between the firm’s Vancouver and New York City offices before joining FrontFundr as its chief operating officer. The unique company allows Canadians to become shareholders of startup private companies. “You’re diversifying the risk, plus now you’ve got numerous brand champions that are out there who want to see your company succeed,” Burke says. And while he enjoys the variety in his role (he does everything from marketing and HR to admin and custodial duties), what Burke enjoys most is how his work will impact investment opportunities. “We’re allowing everyday people to put their money behind the values that they want to see in terms of the next generation of companies.”

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Sadiya Dendar

Sadiya Dendar is a freelance writer in Toronto.

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