Letters and Tweets – November 2016

CPA Magazine readers respond to the September 2016 and September 2015 issues via mail and Twitter.

Accounting not enquirer

I am reading an article about a man who punched a bear and I am trying to figure out how it possibly belongs in an accounting magazine (Crosscountry, “Bear fists,” September 2016). Then I realized that the weight of this wild bear was converted from what must have been an estimated 320 lbs into kilos, to one decimal place (145.1 kg). Only an accountant would do that. Please keep the topics to accounting. This story belongs in the National Enquirer, not CPA Magazine.

Dag Enhorning, Toronto


Passion and purpose

(Feature, September 2016)

Very inspiring story — what a great read!

A Shah

GICs and inflation

(On the Money, September 2015)

If time is in my favour (long investing horizon), I choose to invest in major market indexes such as S&P 500. Over the long term, stock indexes’ returns beat GICs. In the past 30 years, SP500 returned more than 17 times; for the past 10 years, and the past five, SP500 doubled in value. Think long-term, people; don’t panic during short-term price fluctuations. The longer the investment in the stock market indexes, the lesser the risk and the greater the rewards. The author didn’t take into consideration tax implications, which would reduce the returns from GICs to close to the inflation rate. Interest from GICs gets taxed at one’s income level, but dividends from investing in stock market indexes are taxed much less. So, it is more advantageous to reinvest dividends from the stock market indexes than to reinvest interest from GICs.

Cheng H