Health tips – November 2016

Forgiveness can help lower stress, and baby boomers are more relaxed in the air than their children.


Forgiveness isn’t just some New Age mumbo-jumbo: it actually lowers stress.

In a study in the Journal of Health Psychology, 148 young adults filled out questionnaires regarding levels of stress, ability to forgive and mental and physical health. Researchers found those who had more exposure to stress over a lifetime had poorer mental and physical health, while a higher tendency to forgive oneself and others lowered the connection between stress and mental illness to almost nothing.


If you find catching a plane as relaxing as having a root canal, follow the boomers.

A survey by the American Association for Retired Persons (AARP) Travel found that baby boomer travellers are more confident and less stressed than younger travellers.

Among those who had travelled by air for leisure in the past year, only 14% of boomers reported their last trip as stressful, compared with 29% of millennials and 23% of gen-Xers.

The difference may have something to do with what boomers do before a flight: 66% arrive at least two hours early. “Boomers actually take advantage of airport amenities — unlike gen-Xers and millennials, who often arrive for flights just in time to board,” says Sami Hassanyeh, AARP’s senior vice-president, digital strategy and membership.