Sean Burke, CPA, is the chief operating officer of Front Fundr, a company that allows Canadians to become shareholders of startup private companies.

Georgia has worked hard to implement free-market policies, invest in tourism and build its hydropower capacity.

The world’s “sharing economy” is expected to grow from $15 billion to $335 billion by 2025. How Uber, Airbnb and AskforTask are changing our economy.

In many workplaces, talking about ethics is likely to brand you at best as naive and at worst as a traitor to the organization. And yet, it’s a necessary conversation.

These well-funded charitable foundations and nonprofit organizations are improving society at home and abroad.

Forgiveness can help lower stress, and baby boomers are more relaxed in the air than their children.

From smart contracts to sharing economy apps, here are a few real-world examples of Blockchain technology in use.

Taking over an existing team as a manager at a company can be a daunting task. Here’s how to get over the hurdles and lead your team to success.

It’s probable that someone you know is deep in debt. If you are observant, you might see one of these seven signs.

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