Letters and Tweets — May 2016

CPA Magazine readers respond to the March and April 2016 issues via mail and Twitter.


Good column by David Descôteaux, "A Permanent Temporary Plan" (Canadian Issues, April). It is a shame that governments spend money not for something that is needed but because it sounds good on a 20-second television clip.

"The Big Short Versus Margin Call" by Karen Wensley (The Right Thing) was another good column in April. I would be interested to read her comments on The Company Men.

Larry Letang
Saugeen Shores, Ont.


This is a Canadian magazine, right? So why are you wasting space on an American CEO with the only valid reason for this puff piece being that he is an accountant by training ("A Lot on His Plate," March)?

The next article is a laudatory piece about how wonderful it is that electronics are further penetrating our world ("To 2017 and Beyond"). Some analysis would have been nice as to the pros and cons.

The final effort is about debt ("Gen Wise?"), with the writer’s main concern that banks cannot load down the new generation with the debt that the rest of us presently have, and isn’t this a bad thing.

I’m all in favour of the integration of the accounting profession in Canada but one of the results has been a bland, uncritical editorial policy that produces an extremely boring magazine.

Mike Fletcher
Smiths Falls, Ont.