How I find balance — May 2016

Fannie Pelletier balances her family and career by keeping a flexible schedule and staying active throughout the year.

Fannie Pelletier, 41, president, Addendum, Laval, Que.

Addendum is a family business founded by my mother in 1987. We provide [HR] training and coaching services to employers of all sizes and have a combined workforce of 175 people.

I started working for the company in 2002, when my mother offered me, her only daughter, the director of administration and finance position. When I accepted [her] offer, I told myself I’d only spend two years at Addendum. But I loved the company so much that I never left. I went from director of administration and finance to CEO in 2011 and then president in September 2015. At 41, I now realize how valuable my previous work experience is to my current position.

Having two boys, Louis and Sacha, ages 3 and 9, makes for a hectic family life that forces me to completely unplug from work. But it’s essential to have a support network at home. My spouse, Robert, is very hands-on. We take turns handling the evening routine, which includes meals, homework, bath time and bedtime stories, so that the other can work later. It’s important to set out each task by preparing a flexible schedule. And every other week we try to plan a date night. I can also rely on my parents and our precious babysitter, who takes care of the kids after school.

Besides attending Sacha’s soccer games, we do a lot of sports activities such as biking, tennis, Rollerblading and swimming in summer, and downhill skiing and snowshoeing in winter. For me, getting out of the house is the key to a healthy mind and family life.

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Marie-Josée Boucher

Marie-Josée Boucher is a freelance writer in Montreal.

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