Focusing the lens on today's CPA

Here are some highlights from CPA Canada’s new video series featuring four CPAs in conversation with business journalist Bruce Sellery.

CPA Canada’s new video series features four CPAs in candid conversation with dynamic business journalist Bruce Sellery. Each video shows the value and versatility of the CPA designation through its greatest ambassadors: the members. Watch all the videos at (A different set of our French videos will be featured in a future issue.) Here are some highlights.


The humanitarian

For Tucker, the hard and soft skills that come with the designation — plus the respect the CPA commands around the world — make her job as CFO of Agriteam Canada possible. She’s visited 15 countries, has built 14 medical clinics in Nigeria and has 986 songs on her iPod to get her through long flights.

“I’m sitting back home in Calgary at my nice little desk and looking at my nice little spreadsheets. When I arrive in Nigeria, reality sets in.”

Joe Resnick


The agent

As hockey agent and president of Top Shelf Sports Management, Resnick wears many hats: businessman, sports psychologist, cheerleader and coach. He has 54 players on his roster, has held the Stanley Cup three times and says his CPA provides a solid foundation in a business that’s becoming more numbers oriented.

“Rick Nash’s second contract was my coming out party. I turned down $25 million and my wife said, ‘Joe, do you know what you’re doing?’”

Sarb Mund


The entrepreneur

Mund never wanted a career counting someone else’s money. But counting his own? That’s a different story. Today he’s the owner of Soho Road, the No. 1 street food vendor in Vancouver. He likens having a CPA to having his blinders taken off, so he has a panoramic view of his whole business.

“They were awarding 17 food truck licences that first year and we got two right off the bat. That was all CPA.”

Tamara Schock


The globetrotter

It took Schock one second to say yes to an international move for work. The journey from Winnipeg to New York City taught her the global value of her Canadian experience. She’s now the CFO of Exchange Income Corporation and she’s not sure what’ll happen next, except that she’ll be using her CPA and “having fun.”

“No matter where you go, the CPA is known to be high quality, so you don’t have to spend a lot of effort re-establishing credibility.”