The luck of the Irish

As the owner of the Celtic Knot in Riverhead, NL, Colin Corcoran is using his designation to expand into management roles he wouldn’t have considered before.

The idea hit Colin Corcoran and his wife, Nanci, one Sunday during lunch. “We were musing about buying the Harbourview Pub & Restaurant. We heard it was for sale and we joked with my mother-in-law — who had once leased the restaurant — that we would hire her as general manager,” he says. On their way home that night, the couple talked about what it would be like to own a business in their town of Riverhead, NL. Within three weeks, the restaurant on scenic Irish Loop Drive — now called the Celtic Knot — was theirs. Corcoran manages the bar, serves customers and takes care of the business end, his mother-in-law runs the place during the week and Nanci deals with events, the kitchen and menu. (Corcoran’s favourite dish? Fish and chips “smothered with dressing and gravy.”) Corcoran says this gig has forced him to use his designation in new ways. “What is the optimal pricing strategy for introducing sweet potato fries to the menu? How can I best increase revenues through introducing comedy nights? The designation affords you the opportunity to expand into management roles you may not have considered in the past.”