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More than half of our readers say that they travel for pleasure at least once or twice a year.

CPA Magazine readers are habitual travellers, according to our latest reader poll. More than half of you (57%) say you travel for pleasure about once or twice a year, and another 26% go away on holiday three or more times per year. The average trip length is one to two weeks for the majority of respondents (61%) and seven in 10 (69%) travel with family rather than with friends (17%) or alone (14%). Sadly, more than a quarter of you (26%) say the benefits (e.g., lower stress, fresh perspective, positive attitude) of a trip last less than a week after you return home. For tips on how to make those post-vacation pluses last longer, see last month’s feature article “Maximize Your Mellow.”

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Tamar Satov

Tamar Satov is managing editor of CPA Magazine.

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