Professional matters: news and views for members — June/July 2016

At GLOBE 2016, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced $125 million in funding to help combat climate change. Plus, statistics show that credit card fraud is the most common type of fraud.


CPA Canada sponsors session at GLOBE 2016

The environment is everyone’s business. That was the message at GLOBE 2016, a sustainable business event that ran from March 1 to 4 in Vancouver. Nearly 2,000 delegates from more than 50 countries attended.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau opened the conference, announcing $125 million in funding to help Canadian communities reduce emissions and adapt to a changing climate. “Climate change is a challenge for the entire planet,” the prime minister said. “Let’s never forget it is also an opportunity for those willing to solve it.”

CPA Canada and Natural Resources Canada co-sponsored a session as part of an ongoing initiative to position professional accountants as leaders in organizational climate-change adaptation. Bob Elton (chief risk officer for Vancity and chair of CPA Canada’s Sustainability Advisory Board) and executives from Enbridge, MEC and TransLink discussed how people with finance and sustainability portfolios were teaming up to address climate-change risks.

Sarah Keyes, CPA Canada’s principal, sustainability, research, guidance and support, attended the session. “Collaboration is essential for real action on climate change,” she said. “Accountants have a vital role to play.”


Everyone’s a winner

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Credit card fraud is the most common type of fraud

Credit card fraud graph


A Q&A for your MD&A

CPA Canada's January 2016 Reporting Alert presents a series of questions for preparers of Management’s Discussion and Analysis to consider as they develop their disclosures about liquidity and capital resources and help ensure that investors have the information they need to make sound decisions.

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“Many people are often forced to unwind their plans and forfeit the tax benefit to pay the unexpected bill and avoid the complex tax filings that can ensue”
Jim Yager, director of The American Chamber of Commerce in Canada's International Tax Committee, On the Need for a Tax Fix for Crossborder Savings Plans


Breakfast with Scotland 

ICAS president Jim Pettigrew 

Members of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland (ICAS) met with finance professionals and representatives from CPA Canada in Toronto on Feb. 26. The group discussed Canada’s new Liberal government, changes in the profession and weathering economic storms. “If anyone is going to see their way through in a sensible, measured, prudent and thoughtful way,” said ICAS president Jim Pettigrew, “it is Canada.”


Joy Thomas on trends, women’s leadership

Joy Thomas 

CPA Canada's President and CEO, Joy Thomas, was published twice in The Accountant just before she assumed her new role.

“Trends to Watch” (February) explored themes important to CPA Canada’s members, including technology, climate change, globalization, external reporting, tax reform and financial literacy.

Thomas also responded to The Accountant U.K.’s inquiry about gender equality in accounting (March). She focused on progress (women lead eight of the 11 provincial and regional accounting organizations in Canada) and future tasks (pay equity and women in C-suites and boardrooms). Thomas highlighted the work of CPA Canada’s Women’s Leadership Council, which has produced toolkits and webinars and has helped plan conferences to support women’s professional advancement.


Cash from the crowd


Crowdfunding can’t be ignored: it raised more than $34 billion in 2015. Get a high-level overview of crowdfunding models — how they work, what their financial reporting implications are, what securities regulators are saying — at


Meet five CPAs from Quebec

Catherine Alain 

CPA Canada's member videos have a French side. The five dynamic CPAs interviewed in the fast-paced French series are young — the oldest is 32 — and work in various settings including Sleeman Breweries and Revenu Québec. They candidly discuss their childhood dreams, their current salaries, what it takes to be a CPA, their biggest mistakes, what they love about their work and more.

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