Letters and tweets — June/July 2016

CPA Magazine readers respond to the April 2016 issue via mail and Twitter.


I fear for the future of the CPA profession in Canada. Why? Just look at our flagship publication, CPA Magazine. In just one edition (April), the publication is implicitly accused of cruelty to animals, disrespecting the South Asian community and promoting a chauvinist image of academic accountants.

Or are we perhaps, as professionals, taking political correctness just a mite too far?

Jack Noodelman, Montreal


I have been an accountant 51 years and have been reading the magazine 51 years. I want to compliment you on the magazines you have been putting out the last year or two. They are very well done.

Ron McGraw, Saint-Louis-de-Kent, NB

Online comments


(The Right Thing, April)
I very much appreciate this and Karen Wensley’s other articles on ethics. I post almost every article on our corporate intranet as one of the ways we advance ethical decision-making in our company, Century Group, which is involved in land development and property management in Metro Vancouver. Thank you, Wensley and CPA Magazine, for supporting this important discussion.

Sean Hodgins
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