Health tips — June/July 2016

Male bonding activities may have health benefits, and employees would rather have a consistently awful boss than an unpredictable one.


Recent research at the University of California, Berkeley, suggests that male bonding activities may have similar health benefits to those seen in romantic relationships, especially when it comes to handling stress.

Researchers studying male rats in the same cage found that mild stress led to more physical contact such as touching and hugging and increased levels of the hormone oxytocin in the brain. In humans, oxytocin was also found to promote bonding and social interaction, resulting in an increased resilience to stress
and allowing a healthier and longer life.


Do you have a boss who always behaves badly? Compared to those with a mercurial manager, you may be lucky, according to research from Michigan State University.

In a three-week study, researchers tested workers and supervisors from 95 employers. Employees with managers whose conduct was unpredictable were more prone to stress, job dissatisfaction and emotional turmoil than those with a consistently horrible boss. To fix the problem, researchers suggest employing personality and integrity tests to determine a manager’s ability to treat employees fairly on a consistent basis.