Lots to juggle at The One

Jointly hosted by CPA Canada and CPA Ontario, this year’s The One national conference was packed with practical advice and inspiration.

For the second year running, professional accountants from across the country came together at The One national conference to connect, learn, discuss, eat, drink and, yes, juggle.

The two-day event, which featured optional workshops on day three, was jointly hosted by CPA Canada and CPA Ontario. The conference was packed with practical advice and inspiration. The program featured four streams: leadership; financial reporting and accounting; tax; and management accounting/finance. A conference app helped attendees stay organized and post directly on social media. 

Carol Wilding, president and CEO, CPA Ontario, invited participants to “be the one to start the conversation. Be the one to welcome CPAs into one powerful profession.” 

Keynote speakers drew big crowds. Bestselling author Curtis Zimmerman (pictured above) taught the audience to juggle, proving his point that you can’t learn without dropping the ball. A performance consultant to Olympians, Kimberley Amirault-Ryan, asked what creates or kills a culture of excellence. Christopher Ragan, chair of Canada’s Ecofiscal Commission, talked about pricing pollution.

The conference was closed by Dean McCann, CFO of Canadian Tire and CFO of the Year, who (with the help of mascots from the Raptors and Leafs) focused on disruption in the digital space.

Next year’s event will be out west. Plan to attend #CPATheOne in Vancouver on Sept. 19 and 20. 


“Some themes that moved me were to be in the moment, think and process rather than react, be intentional, ask powerful questions, have fun and live at performance level. I was surprised that it didn’t really matter what our legacy designation was. We’re all part of a united association with common goals.”

Robyn L. McDonald

Robyn L. McDonald, CPA, CGA, Surrey, BC

“The conference keynotes and session moderators, especially Curtis Zimmerman’s truly inspirational keynote on rewriting your own script, provided insight into critical leadership skills for today’s work environment. I definitely didn’t expect to learn to juggle, but it was fitting for a conference where I learned many new things.”

Patrick Kelly

Patrick Kelly, CPA, CMA, Elmira, ONT.

“I appreciated the variety of information provided at the conference. At times it was hard to choose which session to attend. I found all of the presenters to be great communicators, and the online app was very helpful for scheduling and keeping session notes in one place.”

Carol Faries, CPA, CMA, Hamilton, Bermuda

“The attendance at the CPA The One conference was great! There were over 1,000 CPAs from various industries to network with. My main goal was to connect with peers in the investment industry and I accomplished that and more. I will definitely be back next year. It’s booked in my calendar already!”

Hipolito Alibin Jr., CPA, CGA, Winnipeg


1,200 attendees
607 mentions on Twitter
46 sessions
4 keynote speakers
3 juggling balls
1 poutine station