Health tips — December 2016

Handling work email during off-hours can cause emotional exhaustion, while having control in your job can be a matter of life and death.


Did you know that just waiting for work email in off-hours is stressful?

In a study done by professors from three US universities, 300 participants completed two surveys. On average, participants spent about eight hours a week handling company-related emails outside of work. The study found an inability to disconnect from work results in a poorer work-family balance, leading to emotional exhaustion. The study’s authors suggest companies establish formal policies on availability during after-work hours.


Having more control in your job could mean the difference between life and death.

In a seven-year study of more than 2,300 people in their 60s, researchers at the Indiana University Kelley School of Business found an approximately 15% increase in the likelihood of death among those in high-demand jobs that offered little control compared to individuals in low-demand jobs. Conversely, a 34% decrease in the likelihood of death was shown among those in high-demand jobs with a high degree of control compared to those with low control. For the study, “job demands” referred to the amount of work, time pressure and concentration demands of a job, and “job control” was considered the amount of discretion one has in making work decisions.