Girl’s best friend

Toronto forensic accountant Kristin Matthews is the owner of Tom & Sawyer, a new pet food store offering a menu of human-style food for dogs and cats.

Although he is cute and capable of smiling, Sawyer utterly refuses kibble. Kristin Matthews would spend an hour and a half enticing the Yorkie-Poo to eat when she and her husband, Peter Zakarow, got him in 2014.

Matthews soon began cooking for Sawyer. (“I don’t cook for humans, but I cook for dogs.”) The forensic accountant was consulting when she got the idea to research and start her own business to fill the gap. After Sawyer got sick from eating raw food from a pet store, Matthews used the research skills she had honed on the job to investigate pet food. “This background equipped me to go in, do the research and see the pet food industry’s shortcomings with a critical eye. I took all of those skills and I shone the light on what we are feeding our little fur babies.”

With help from a vet and a food scientist, she developed a menu of human-style food for dogs and cats. She and Zakarow opened Tom & Sawyer in Toronto in the spring; its kitchen is capable of producing about 300 kilograms of food daily. The company now ships nationwide and is planning a second location. Sawyer — the company model — eagerly dances at his bowl before meals.