ERP customer survey

How happy are you with your ERP system?

We have all heard horror stories about failed ERP implementations but we rarely hear about the ones that went well. Does ERP deserve the bad rap it gets?

This is your chance to tell us what you think. We have created a brief survey that can be completed in a few minutes. It includes questions about your satisfaction with your system, developer and implementer as well as major likes and dislikes.

We have included the names of different ERP systems so we can score them, but we will need to get enough responses to make the results statistically reliable. Also, to reduce the potential for misleading results, we are allowing only one completed survey per organization and it must be completed by an employee or director who has an email address with a domain matching that of the organization’s website. Responses from companies that sell or implement systems will not be included.

Unfortunately, even if ERP systems don’t deserve the bad rap, organizations are still reluctant to implement new systems. That is mainly because of the effort involved --  especially for small and mid-sized organizations that don’t have resources to dedicate to an implementation. These organizations tend to allocate many of their best employees (the A Team) to the implementation on a part-time basis. Result: those employee’s regular duties get postponed or completed by others who may not be as qualified.

Given all the potential risks, why do so many organizations still implement new systems?

Most have no choice. Their existing systems might not be well supported or their business might have changed significantly. Others feel they have a compelling business case to do so. Most business cases are based on return on investment but unfortunately many are not well supported or are prepared by biased people who find a way to make the numbers work. Some business cases are based on intangible benefits that are compelling enough to warrant an investment in a new ERP system.

We think it would be interesting to see why organizations decide to invest in an ERP system and whether those decisions make business sense. So we have a couple of questions on business cases in the survey as well.

All responses will remain confidential. Please complete the survey by October 31, 2017. Stay tuned for the results in an upcoming issue.