It is time to move from a superficial observation of differences in gender, race, sexual orientation and age to focus on deeper differences that make every person unique.

Sure, managers have to have them all the time, but no one actually likes them. Read on to find out how to have those tough chats with your employees.

Is an all-cash deal really a deal? At first blush it’s a bargain, but when things go wrong and you don’t have proof of payment, that’s no deal.

They know it’s wrong, but those who work or pay under the table say it’s the only way to survive.

What’s the size of the shadow economy? Nobody knows, and estimates vary widely. But what’s certain is that it is a form of tax evasion.

Lululemon says it will move its Vancouver headquarters overseas if it does not receive an exemption from the Temporary Foreign Worker Program, and Netflix Canada reportedly offers higher quality films than its US counterpart.

An OECD member since 2012, Slovenia boasts good infrastructure, a well-educated workforce and a strategic Central European location.

Gawker Media closed in August due to a successful privacy lawsuit by former wrestler Hulk Hogan. The US news site isn’t the first to fail following legal troubles.

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