How I find balance — August 2016

Sports help Oswaldo Vibert stay healthy and focused.

Oswaldo Vibert, 23, EY, Montreal

I've been a sports enthusiast since I was a kid. I competed in the Jeux du Québec in the figure skating competition and, like so many young boys, my dream was to become a pro hockey player. Today, I play a lot of sports such as soccer, basketball, tennis, football, waterskiing, jogging and wakeboarding, to name a few. Why so much variety? Because I like change and I enjoy meeting new people.

Each sport helps my performance in another one. For example, I play softball with other accountants; this improves my coordination, which is essential on the tennis court. Besides staying healthy, my goal is to become a well-rounded athlete, to build and strengthen [my muscles] and to enhance my fitness [level].

It’s important to have a healthy mind and body when you work in my profession. If I haven’t played any sports for two or three days because of an increased workload, I’m even more stressed. But once I start working out again — even if it means waking up at five in the morning to fit in some exercise or doing 600 pushups and sit-ups after I get home from work at nine at night — I regain my inner calm. So by taking a step back from a problem that seemed insurmountable, I get perspective and find a creative solution. With that in mind, I convinced nine of my colleagues at EY to form a flag football team.

Ideally, I would like to see companies encourage employees to engage in at least one hour of physical activity a day. Schools are actively imparting sports-related values to the citizens of tomorrow. How great would it be if businesses picked up where schools left off, to keep the citizens of today in shape?

 — As told to Manon Chevalier