Q&A: Do I have to invite my boss to my wedding?

If you choose not to include your boss in your big day but are worried about possible backlash, you shouldn’t be.

Summer’s right around the corner, which means it’s time for the lovebirds who are getting hitched in the coming months to send out their save-the-dates and wedding invitations. If you’re a blushing bride or dashing groom and you’re debating whether or not to invite your boss to your nuptials, here’s a bit of good news: proper etiquette doesn’t demand you invite your manager or colleagues to your big day. “A wedding is a rite of passage that you celebrate with friends and family. It is not necessary to invite folks from work unless they are friends who you socialize with outside of work,” says Toronto etiquette expert Louise Fox. “Your manager is not guaranteed an invite. This person is your employer, not necessarily your friend, and as such, he or she should not expect an invitation.”

If you choose not to include your boss but are worried about possible backlash, don’t. “In a large company, being invited to all your employees’ weddings could be a huge burden and raises questions: are you trying to curry favour? Are you hoping for a big gift? In a professional boss-employee relationship, inviting your manager could make for an awkward situation for both parties,” Fox adds. If you’re confronted about the non-invite, a quick word about keeping your wedding an intimate family affair will suffice.