On a high note

When Yoni Kaston isn’t crunching numbers as a tax manager at MNP, he’s performing in concerts across Canada and collaborating with international musicians.

For Yoni Kaston, music is as essential to life as air and water. He started playing piano as a toddler and since then, he’s added seven more instruments to his repertoire. He completed a bachelor of music and continued to study and perform for two years before going back to school to find a career that would provide a stable income and the flexibility he desired to pursue music. Accounting caught his eye and since 2007, he’s been working at MNP (and its predecessor), first as a student and now as a tax manager. His music career started to grow at the same time. “Doing both is a way to massage both sides of my brain: the tax work is often quite concrete and tangible; the music is ephemeral,” Kaston says. He has released four albums with three groups and performs in concerts and festivals across Canada. His accounting experience comes into play with the day-to-day tasks of producing an album and managing rehearsals and shows. These days he spends his free time collaborating with musicians from different countries, such as Turkey and Senegal, which helps shape his unique sound.