Letters and Tweets — April 2016

CPA Magazine readers respond to the September 2015 – March 2016 issues via mail and Twitter.

Behind the fashion trends

Re: “To fur, with love” (After Hours, September 2015), I am disgusted you would choose to highlight someone in the fur business, a business that slaughters animals for fashion.

It is widely understood that fur is not fashion. More and more people choose not to buy fur as a statement against animal cruelty. By publishing this article you are showing you are behind on the progressive stance on fur.

This isn’t something I would expect of CPA Canada.

Tasha Schermerhorn, Vancouver

Disrespectful image

I was shocked to see the graphic in David Descôteaux’s article, “Immigration: A Miracle Cure?” (March). It depicted the Hindu goddess Lakshmi, and not only altered the image, but altered it in a way that is offensive and insensitive to the South Asian community. The only thing that could have been worse was an image of the goddess eating a steak.

Please review your content and imaging before distributing it to members. I am not even sure what that image had to do with the content of the article.

Akash Rattan, Vancouver

Editor’s reply:

CPA Magazine sincerely apologizes to the South Asian community and anyone else who was offended by the image. It was not our intent to offend. We do have a system in place to prevent such gaffes from occurring, but our process clearly broke down here. Once again, our sincere apologies. We have removed the image from all digital editions.


Campus confidential

(Feature, January/February)

It is remarkable that Merridee Bujaki’s research finds CPA firms provide diversity in their advertising, but that CPA Magazine’s photos represent academic accountants as 80% white male. If this is in fact the case, it would be an appropriate addition to the article. Either that, or there needs to be more attention paid to photo choices.

Linda Whittaker