Q&A: My boss is a connection on LinkedIn and I’m hunting for a new job

To keep your job search under wraps, tweak your LinkedIn privacy settings and turn off your activity broadcasts.

While it’s presumptuous for your manager, senior execs or colleagues to assume you’re looking for a better gig based entirely on your profile and the groups you join — unless, of course, your job title reads, "Accountant/Currently job searching" — they could suspect you’re looking to jump ship based on your LinkedIn activity. If your boss gives you the old, "I was checking out your LinkedIn profile and noticed you got a great new headshot, updated your CV, included your proficiency in Mandarin and have 300 new connections, a bunch of whom are recruiters — what’s up?" you could be done for.

If you want to avoid an awkward situation, there are ways to keep your search under wraps, according to the pros at LinkedIn. For starters, while updates and items you post can be seen by your connections, jobs you apply for through the social media site aren’t pushed directly to your network and cannot be seen on your profile or activity feed. To be discreet, consider tweaking your privacy settings and turn off your activity broadcasts, and carefully select who can (read: prospective employers) and who cannot (read: your boss) see what you’re up to. As for job-seeker groups, you can keep updates from being sent when you join a new one, plus you can opt to hide the group’s logo on your profile.