Professional matters: news and views for members — October 2015

New publications from CPA Canada tackle the decline in Canada’s productivity and the ins and outs of building an effective board.


New thinking on innovation and productivity

The federal government has pumped close to $11 billion into innovation-related activities since 2006, yet Canada ranks 19th of 33 OECD nations in productivity growth. Mining, oil and gas and manufacturing are showing the largest declines.

Looking Beyond Innovation to Boost Canada’s Productivity, an economic research paper developed by CPA Canada, says the key to improving Canada’s productivity may rest with larger firms, exporters and companies that invest in intangibles such as brand equity, management consulting, technology and human capital.

"Governments could consider additional measures aimed at helping firms to grow, to adopt more efficient economies of scale, to become trade-ready and to invest in intangible capital," says Robert Strachan, CPA Canada board chair. "Any approach should pay particular attention to the sectors that are lagging."

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Play 20 questions with your board

Building and Sustaining an Effective Board 

The most recent 20 questions publication from CPA Canada — Building and Sustaining an Effective Board — contains valuable advice for directors, shareholders and more. You’ll learn how to establish the right structure for a new board; sustain an existing board with the proper mix of skills, leadership and culture; and renew a mature board with the right succession plan.

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Canadian spending is hot and cold

I think I spend the most money in ...

Canadian spending chart


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"How is it that everyone seems to know someone who’s paid under the table, but no one concedes to doing it?"

— Gabe Hayos, vice-president, taxation, CPA Canada, In "The underground economy is eroding the integrity of our tax system," Huffington Post, July 2015.