Healthy perks

Forty years ago, a membership at a health club was the pinnacle of executive wellness. Today, business leaders enjoy genetic testing and personalized wellness plans.

3: Weight-related genes Toronto firm Newtopia tests for in order to personalize nutrition, exercise and behaviour-management programs for individual employees of its client companies.

6 to 8: Hours spent with doctors over the course of a day by executives who undergo “superphysicals.” In 2004, the Wall Street Journal priced the comprehensive exams at up to US$7,500.

24: Hours per day private “elite programs” offer business leaders medical services and advice on call. Clinics won’t release costs, but some clients report them to be as high as $10,000 annually.

59: Percent of Canadian CEOs who had a specialized medical package as part of their annual compensation in 2004. A survey that same year found 60% of firms were considering offering private healthcare to attract senior managers.

100: Percent of health club memberships paid by Consumers’ Gas in 1981 for executive and senior staff. A 1980 survey found 13% of Ontario firms provided some kind of employee fitness program, up from 1% in 1975.

795: Cost in dollars for an executive physical at a private Canadian clinic in 1995. Service included stress and diet counselling as well as “fluffy robes, fresh-squeezed juice and soft music.”