Enhancing the recognition of unique value

Members have the opportunity to help spread awareness of unification and the value of the now larger, more influential profession by telling the story in their own words.

Awareness of the CPA brand and recognition of the value of the CPA profession are on the upswing. Two years into the strategy, research shows that awareness of the CPA designation among Canadian business leaders sits at an impressive 77%. Unaided awareness, which is much more difficult to build, is at 22%. The CPA branding committee hopes members will help raise that figure to 40% by mid-2016.


“The right fit for business” campaign, which kicked off in September and runs through March, will include billboards in high-traffic areas and airports, as it has in the past, as well as TV and digital advertising.

The new campaign maintains the clever “blue box” approach and develops the “Pro” concept to focus more directly on what CPAs do. While last year’s creative presentation was a visual and intellectual puzzle, this year’s is an actual puzzle that displays the many attributes that CPAs bring to the business world.

This eye-catching approach graphically conveys the many benefits CPAs provide to organizations. CPAs are brilliant problem solvers. They possess the expertise to analyze every aspect of a situation. They can determine how to join business priorities into a cohesive whole. The concept is inclusive enough to be relevant to businesses, organizations, government, recruits and even parents of future CPAs.


The new ad campaign focuses on deepening the understanding of the key attributes of the Canadian CPA within the business and hiring communities. It also enhances the perceived value of the CPA designation among potential students by positioning it as the best-in-business designation for those seeking an exciting and rewarding career.

Members have the opportunity to help spread awareness of unification and the value of the now larger, more influential profession by telling the story in their own words. (See “The CPA story,” below.)


Launching the new unified-profession CPA brand in a market where the legacy accounting brands were well established required specific marketing tactics, such as ensuring that businesses understood that the Canadian CPA carries the best of the legacy attributes, value and expertise. For the past two years, CPA associations across the country have focused stakeholder communication on the value of the new Canadian profession. At the same time, advertising raised awareness that the CPA is unique.

Over the next year, CPA provincial and national bodies will continue sharing relevant information with key stakeholders, including recruiting firms, human resources professionals, academics and postsecondary career advisers and thought leaders. For more information, see cpacanada.ca/become-a-pro.


Share the CPA story with employers and recruiters within your organization as well as with family, friends and community networks:

•    The CPA profession grew out of the belief that Canada needed one strong, effective profession instead of three competing ones.
•    The CPA Professional Education Program (CPA PEP) took the best of the three legacy education programs and enhanced them with an increased focus on business, leadership and communication skills.
•    The Canadian CPA profession is one of the largest and most influential in the world. Our 190,000 members are positioned to help businesses succeed in a challenging global environment.

We are the right fit for business!