A hole-in-one business

BC-based accountant Ken Sim has launched not one but two highly successful business ventures: home healthcare service Nurse Next Door and bagel store Rosemary Rocksalt.

Ken Sim doesn’t consider himself a risk-taker — not even when the accountant left a successful position with CIBC in 2001 to pursue new business ventures while his wife was just three weeks pregnant. That business ended up being Nurse Next Door, which is now Canada’s largest home healthcare service. Once he was able to step away from its day-to-day operations, Sim sought out his next venture and in 2012, he baked up another sweet success. With his wife, Teena, and his good friend and bagel buff Parise Siegel, he opened up Vancouver-based Rosemary Rocksalt "My wife and I wanted to create a global brand in the bagel industry with people who were really cool." The Montreal-style bagel shop already has two locations in the city, but their goal is to expand to more than 500 within the next 20 years. Every month, they sell about 100,000 bagels, but it’s not just the bagels that keep their customers coming back. "If our payment terminals go down, we don’t stop. We just let people write us IOUs," says Sim.

About the Author

Sadiya Dendar

Sadiya Dendar is a freelance writer in Toronto.

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