A picture-perfect plan

With an impressive international career behind him, Edmonton accountant Marc Neal is building his passion for photography into a business.

Marc Neal has had a very impressive career. He spent 10 years in Europe working first with NATO as the deputy director of finance for its maintenance and supply agency and then for the office of the high representative for Bosnia’s peacekeeping mission. Now settled in Edmonton, he’s the chief administrative officer for St. Joseph’s College. Though it may not sound as thrilling as his previous roles, Neal disagrees. As a “master of all trades,” he oversees everything from accounting and auditing to human resources. And if that isn’t enough, Neal is building his passion for photography into a business he hopes will supplement his retirement income. He spends most of his free time shooting or editing photos and promoting his work, which has been featured on travel websites and in magazines. Neal also has a gallery showing booked for this month. “Accountants are very creative. We’re people who can think outside the box and that creativity allows us to see things that other people wouldn’t.”