Poll of the month: fit as a fiddle — May 2015

According to our latest reader poll on physical activity, the overwhelming majority of Canadian CPAs partake in some form of regular physical activity.

Canadian CPAs are on the move, and not just in terms of career. According to our latest reader poll, 96% of you partake in some form of physical activity on a regular basis, and the vast majority of you say you have an average (48%) or above average (37%) fitness level for your age. In addition to the top-five activities listed below, some of you stair climb (18%), play team sports (17%), golf (15%), ski/snowboard (13%), swim (8%), skate (7%), canoe/row (6%) and play tennis or other racket sports (5%). At least 2% each also dance, rock climb and — this is Canada after all — snowshoe.

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Tamar Satov

Tamar Satov is managing editor of CPA Magazine.

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