Game of monopoly

A 2013 C.D. Howe report identified nine Canadian industry sectors, including eggs, broadcasting and banks, with restrictive regulatory regimes. The report calls for fewer monopolies, but it’s already happening.

3: Sections in the Canada Post Act declaring that it is an offence for anyone other than the corporation to deliver local mail. In 2007, one think-tank said continuing the monopoly was a “slow-motion train wreck.”

5: Locations in Canada, including Toronto and Montreal, served by car-sharing service Uber in early 2015. Cities and taxi regulators are launching multiple lawsuits to halt Uber’s spread.

7.5: Billions of dollars Canada’s long distance telephone market is worth in 1992, when it is opened to competition. Six years later, regulators also end Bell Canada’s monopoly on local calls.

22: Recommendations in a 2014 Canadian Bar Association report designed to ease restrictions in the legal profession. The first proposal would allow non-lawyers to own law firms.

40: Percent of Canada’s current land mass over which the Hudson’s Bay Co. enjoyed a monopoly in trade between 1670 and 1868. The land was transferred to Canada in 1870 for £300,000.

349: Millions of dollars allocated to help the Canadian Wheat Board pay employee severance and pensions in 2012 as the Crown corporation transitioned to an open market in wheat sales.

1927: Year Ontario enacted legislation that limits beer sales to Brewers Retail locations. In January this year, a Toronto craft brewer launched a lawsuit challenging the monopoly legislation.