Poll of the month: prize professionals — June/July 2015

In our latest reader poll, CPAs let us know how they would spend winnings of $10 million.

What would you do if you won $10 million? According to our reader poll, the typical Canadian CPA would — wait for it — invest more than half the winnings. Yes, the vast majority of you (85%) expect to set aside at least $5 million for investments; nearly half (47%) would admirably invest more than three-quarters of the jackpot. Most (83%) would spend less than $2.5 million, and the first thing you’d spend on is travel (33%), a new house/home reno (31%) or a new car (11%). As for work, 59% would keep working, either in the same job (41%), a new one (5%) or an entirely different career (13%).

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Tamar Satov

Tamar Satov is managing editor of CPA Magazine.

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