How I find balance — June/July 2015

How marathon running and training help Alex Yaworski keep his focus.

Alex Yaworski, 51, owner/director PKBW Group, Winnipeg

Marathon running and training is a great stress reliever and certainly improves my work focus. Staying focused, above all, is the key to balance for me. Having goals and a plan for achieving them is essential. I make daily, weekly, even yearly lists and prioritize tasks at hand.

I train 10 to 15 hours a week for marathons and plan to do one full and one half marathon every year. If I have to skip a workout one day, I’ll be more strenuous the next. I have a gym at home and at my cottage, which helps.

Right now, I work 50 to 55 hours a week; our busy season is from mid-February until the end of July. Otherwise, I put in 40-hour weeks and volunteer about 15 hours a month.

Delegating to staff lets me concentrate on high leverage activities and make profitable use of my knowledge and experience. At home, that means hiring someone to cut the grass or shovel snow while I do billable work.

My wife and I discuss commitments for the upcoming week and schedule time for bike rides, movies, dinners and car shows. The PVR lets us tape our favourite TV shows and fast-forward through commercials, which saves time. I believe in sharing household duties 50/50 but will concede that it’s more like 70/30 during the busy season.

Since getting my CMA designation in 1999, I’ve completed 10 full and many half marathons. I’m now training for a half marathon in Winnipeg [this month] and a full [one] in Minneapolis this fall. I will run as long as my body will let me.

— As told to Lorie Murdoch