Poll of the month: Doing your part — January/February 2015

What action do our readers take to make the planet more sustainable? Here are the results of our CPA Magazine poll.

To align with this issue’s theme, we asked what actions you take — and which ones you’d consider in the future — to make the planet more sustainable. In both cases, the top five answers (which all garnered at least 60% of the response) were recycling, shopping with reusable bags, buying local products, washing clothes in cold water and dressing for the weather to reduce the use of heat or air conditioning. Replacing incandescent light bulbs with CFLs or LEDs, avoiding disposable products and hang-drying clothes were also popular answers. At least one of you "completed a master’s degree in embedding sustainability into accounting curricula." One reader, however, was clearly not impressed with our line of questioning, simply commenting, "Stop with this shaming."