Letters — January/February 2015

CPA Magazine readers share their views by mail and email.


I enjoy reading CPA Magazine — when I take it out of the mailbox, I cannot put it down until I have read it from cover to cover.

Regarding the January/February special issue, no paper version. I am retired (age 87) and do not have a computer, Internet, fax machine, cellphone or tablet.

So what do I do to obtain the January/ February issue of CPA Magazine?

Donald J. Grossman, London, Ont.


The January/February issue, available in digital format only, will bypass two groups of readers: those who ride (sustainable) public transit to work and use their commuting time to read professional and business magazines and the hundreds of senior members who do not have Internet access but want to keep up to date with developments in the profession. Since CPA Magazine is an integral part of the annual dues, I question the ethics of issuing it in a format to which a significant number of CPAs do not have access. Indeed, while it is stated that readers will be notified by email on how to access that issue, readers without email won’t receive that notification.

Alister Mason, Toronto

I am horrified that the January/ February magazine will not be available on paper. Like many of your older members, I cannot read magazines online, so I hope there is nothing of importance in that issue.
I do not see why a paper issue of the magazine should not be available on request.

H. Arnold Sherman, Calgary