Letters and tweets — December 2015

CPA Magazine readers respond to the September and October 2015 issues via mail and Twitter.


The question about hunting for a new job and having your boss as a LinkedIn connection perpetuates some myths (October, Workplace). The first is if your boss checks out your profile that “you could be done for.” Your boss can be a resource to assist you with your career and if you’re not happy he or she should be aware of it. I have never seen an instance where someone was dismissed or disciplined for looking for a job unless there were other performance issues. Rather than providing advice on being more secretive, maybe taking a direct and honest approach with your employer would eliminate all the subterfuge and worry. It may be that your boss or employer has plans for you or would be willing to entertain the discussion of options to keep good employees. In a professional relationship an employee should feel comfortable discussing his or her future and aspirations openly. As a manager it is disappointing on many levels when an employee gives notice without any previous discourse. The illustration with the article (right) shows the employee hiding what she’s doing. Job searching on the sly while at work using company assets and time should upset your boss and displays questionable business etiquette.

Donald McLellan, New Westminster, BC