Health tips — December 2015

How trusting professional relationships can counteract workplace stress and how taking quick walks around the office can help keep arteries healthy.


Building trusting, empathetic relationships at work can help counteract workplace anxiety and stress.

A study from the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management looked at 267 RCMP officers and found that workplace anxiety creates emotional exhaustion and has a detrimental effect on job performance.

But employers can help reduce the harm done to an employee’s well-being. The findings “highlight the importance of programs that allow employees to ... build resilience and develop strong social support networks,” notes study coauthor Julie McCarthy.


Taking short jaunts around the office can keep arteries healthy, finds a University of Missouri study. After young men sat at a desk for six straight hours, researchers found that blood flow to a large artery in the lower leg was reduced. But when participants took a 10-minute walk, blood flow improved, reversing the harmful effects on the artery.

When blood flow is reduced, the friction of blood moving inside artery walls is also reduced, says Jaume Padilla, the study’s lead author. The more an artery can expand and respond to blood flow, the healthier it is.