Two FC Barcelona players are accused of tax evasion, while a man convicted of wire fraud and embezzlement hides in plain sight on the Appalachian Trail.

Patricia Jasmin, CFO of VIA Rail, on the challenges of working for a Crown corporation and balancing government interests with the public’s expectations.

There are several great tools, including independent websites, that can help in your quest for a credit card that suits your financial needs and lifestyle.

In mixed martial arts Trini Chan found the adrenalin rush she’d been seeking.

A common ethics test is to imagine what your mother would say if she knew what you were doing. In business, the equivalent is to imagine the consequences if your company’s behaviour were on the front page of the newspaper.

We asked the leaders of three CPA Canada departments to share their plans for the new year. Here’s what’s on the agenda to provide better member value in 2016.

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