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Canadian standard setters were in the spotlight at the recent IFRS and IASB foundation trustees meeting in Toronto. Plus, news on the CPA Awards of Excellence in Public Sector Financial Management.


International visit sets new standard for dialogue

For the first time ever, the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) Foundation and the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) chose Canada to host their foundation trustees meeting in April.

Canadian input was a key reason for the four-day visit to Toronto. "Canada is a very important member of the IFRS community," said IASB chair Hans Hoogervorst. "Your thoughts and ideas permeate our standards."

Providing input is exactly what Canadian CPAs did. More than 6,500 people registered for an ask-about-IFRS webinar with Hoogervorst and board member Stephen Cooper. At another event, 160 stakeholders exchanged their views and experiences about global standard setting. Panellists presented Canada’s role with the IASB, particularly the work being done to close the gap between US standards and IFRS. View the archived webinar at


CPA Canada Awards 


Public sector in the spotlight

It was their night to shine. On May 27, CPA Canada handed out its prestigious Awards of Excellence in Public Sector Financial Management.

Lifetime Achievement Award winner Paul Drolet made Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada the go-to department for SAP financial management.

Claude Rochette, winner of the Financial Leadership (CFO) Award for his work with the Canada Border Services Agency, demonstrated the power of strategy to achieve results.

The Innovation Award was shared by the Deputy Chief Financial Officers’ Council for strengthening federal financial management over 12 years and an Environment Canada team for developing an integrated control framework to report environmental liabilities.

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Provincial updates

On May 11, the Nova Scotia Chartered Professional Accountants Act received royal assent. The Chartered Professional Accountants of Nova Scotia is now an official organization.

Thanks to the Prince Edward Island government’s proclamation on April 1, members in PEI can officially use the CPA designation.

In British Columbia, the Chartered Professional Accountants Act passed its final reading in March. The lieutenant-governor’s signature is all that’s needed to make unification official.

In Alberta, the three accounting bodies joined forces in March under the working name of CPA Alberta Joint Venture. It is preparing for proclamation.

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Today’s accountants must not just measure value but create it

—Tashia Batstone in "Different CPA paths for different visions," The Bottom Line, May.