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Okey Chigbo, Editor of CPA Magazine, introduces the features in the August 2015 issue.

In 2008 key players in the US auto industry such as Chrysler and General Motors nearly went kaput. You might expect that some of their major suppliers would have suffered greatly, if not gone under, but that did not happen to Canadian auto parts manufacturer Linamar. One reason why the company navigated safely through that turbulent period was the guidance of CEO Linda Hasenfratz.

In our cover story, writer Susan Smith says that sales have tripled in the period Linda has been CEO. "The company now employs more than 19,500 people and has 48 plants in eight countries — Canada, the US, Mexico, France, Germany, Hungary, China and India," she writes in "Linda’s Linamar". The 2014 EY Entrepreneur of the Year for Canada "has that big, bold vision and can-do attitude," says the director of the EY program. "She’s certainly got the entrepreneurial gene." Please take time to read this profile of personal excellence and company achievement.

Are you uneasy about the fluctuations of oil prices? Do you wonder how these things will affect the Canadian economy? These are the troubling questions that writer Mary Teresa Bitti sought to answer by talking to various experts. In "The Viscous Circle", Bitti gives us a very brief refresher in economics: "high or low oil prices can be either good or bad, depending on who you are. For producers, high oil prices lead to a strong currency, high employment, rising housing prices and increased foreign investment. For consumers, those same prices are a drag on saving and spending, overall wealth and currency values. The converse is true when prices tank." The experts — consultants in the field and a professor of economics — provide more detail. This is a highly useful guide.

The mentoring process is well known: a senior takes a junior under his or her wing and teaches the junior the ropes. But it appears the script is flipped in some instances in this new digital age. In "Leaders Who Follow", CPA Magazine senior editor Tamar Satov tells us how reverse mentoring works. In a situation where the junior teaches a senior employee or manager how digital things work, "reverse mentorships can be a win-win for both participants: the senior employee gains a comfort level with a new digital medium or tool and, in turn, becomes more accessible to customers, clients and staff at all levels; while the more junior employee makes valuable connections with the top brass."

Time to toot our horn: your magazine had a terrific showing at the Kenneth R. Wilson Awards for B2B magazines. In this its first year, CPA Magazine led the entire field with three gold, three silver and 14 honourable mentions. Bravo and congratulations to our editors and writers.