Playing Wall Street

A new online game developed at the University of Sherbrooke tests players’ financial acumen — and their ethics.

Do you have what it takes to be an investment portfolio manager on Wall Street? You can find out by playing an online game developed by the Department of finance at the University of Sherbrooke, reports Montreal business weekly Les Affaires.

The game, Objectif Wall Street (OWS), is meant not only to test players’ financial acumen, but also to simulate a career in portfolio management, says the game's website. It can also be played in English.

Many games are based on straight stock market simulations in which the player who achieves the highest return wins the game. But OWS strives to be more realistic, claims professor Frank Coggins, who initiated the project. To land the promotions that will eventually lead to Wall Street, the player must:

  • consider the risk associated with any investments
  • apply investment principles such as diversification
  • behave ethically and responsibly

Players begin in their home with a $10 million portfolio, which they manage over a one-month period. Players in the top 15% move up one level. Players in the top 5% move up two levels. At that point, they might be hired by a firm in Montreal or Toronto, then move on to Paris, London and, ultimately, Wall Street.