Professional matters: online resources to check out — September 2014

Professional matters: online resources to check out — September 2014


Strategy Mapping: Using Strategy Maps to Drive Performance

What’s inside: If you see a gap between ideas and execution, you need a strategy map.

This three-part series takes readers through a step-by-step approach that has been adapted from the balanced scorecard work of professors Robert S. Kaplan and David P. Norton.

The concept overview document introduces the principles and describes how accounting professionals can use strategy mapping to add value.

The guidance document breaks the six steps into digestible chunks. The third part, a fictitious case study, illustrates specifics and dives deeper into the approach.

What you’ll learn: Strategy Mapping bridges what the author, Cam Scholey, calls the "knowing-doing gap." No longer will management expect one thing and employees do another. By starting with an overriding objective, working through a structured process and "telling a story" to your organization with pictures, you’ll turn your best-laid plans into actions that everyone understands and improve financial performance.

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Risky business

Two new guidance documents from CPA Canada will help directors and C-level management of publicly traded companies mitigate the risk of corporate disclosure and certification requirements.

The document for directors, available at, sets out the elements of a strong certification support process and offers steps directors can take to protect themselves and their companies from class-action lawsuits.

The companion document for management, available at, aims to help execs comply with the Canadian Securities Administrators’ certification requirements by creating and implementing a formal documented support process.


If we were the CRA

CGA-CANADA AND CPA CANADA recently teamed up to submit recommendations to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) about its proposal to register tax preparers. The 40-page submission, which was developed with the help of professional accounting firms, tax preparation businesses and industry associations, recommends that the CRA adopt a simple program built on confidence and trust between tax preparers and the CRA. The submission also recommends that an independent body oversee the program.

Read our recommendations at


Crossborder benefits

CPA Canada and the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) have collaborated to offer various resources to their respective members.

CPA Canada members can now gain access to toolkits, practice aids, online technical resources, webinars and discounts by joining one of three AICPA sections. The sections focus on forensic and valuation services, information management and technology assurance, and personal financial planning.

Section membership also gives members the opportunity to expand their professional networks across North America. See


A little less lonely at the top

A little less lonely at the top

Behind every successful woman there should be a supportive organization, so CPA Canada has published Female Talent Management: Toolkit for Organizations. It follows the Career Navigation Toolkit for Women in the Profession.

Like its predecessor, Female Talent Management seeks to advance women into leadership positions and keep them there. It provides employers with best practices and strategies for developing an actionable plan because it’s time to turn talk into results. Download your free copy from


Show me the money

The new Canadian Corporate Finance Manual from CPA Canada is an insightful and comprehensive resource that can help businesses cope with the financing challenges that are unique to each point in the business life cycle. The manual can be used as a daily reference by practitioners who routinely advise clients on financing, or as a quick immersion by CFOs who want to stay hip to happenings in the Canadian financial marketplace.

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