How I find balance — September 2014

How Cindy Kottoor balances her career and family.

Cindy Kottoor, 41, president and founder of Neverest Inc., Toronto

As founder of Neverest, which provides customized training for accountants and auditors, I've worked hard to merge my entrepreneurial spirit with my passion for teaching. As an avid traveller, I've been fortunate to scuba dive with sharks in Malaysia and trek in the Himalayas. Now, as a working mom, my adventures consist of growing my business while growing my family.

Balancing the two is a constant challenge. Support from our part-time nanny and my parents has proven essential. It helps that my husband is a great hands-on dad and loves to cook. Although I have an office downtown, I work primarily from my home office; it's separate from the household but steps away from enjoying family lunches and visits with the kids.

I learned to delegate effectively, which has freed up valuable time. We use SaneBox, a web-based app, to prioritize emails and I have six calendars that I overlay to coordinate schedules. I allocate weekly "children time," and one "family day" per week. We moved to a Google cloud-based email and filesharing system so I can work from the office, the park or while on vacation.

We still get away — in May we were in Switzerland and the Canary Islands. Now, vacations have less to do with swimming with sharks and more to do with building sand castles on the beach!

— As told to Lorie Murdoch